About Us

EKO ALU Sp. z o.o. (Co.) was founded in 2005. In 2011 the company was transformed into EKO ALU Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa (limited liability partnership) in order to carry out business in the area of non-ferrous metals in Poland as well as in the other countries of the EU. EKO ALU is a wholesaler of scrap and smelting goods. It offers services related to recycling packaging waste made of aluminum and tin steel.

Our professional and experienced personnel offer their advice and assistance in selecting the material for specific applications. We are prepared to offer all-embracing services to our clients wishing to sell any amount of waste aluminum cans.

We can pick bulk quantities of goods with our trucks and offer the highest prices as well as convenient and secure terms of payment, honest and fast on-site service.


We offer a fully professional recycling of:

  • used aluminum cans;
  • aluminium foil waste;
  • acid-proof stainless steel (CrNi) in the form of used machinery parts and production lines;
  • electric and energetic waste of copper and aluminum;
  • aluminum waste (pieces, shavings, profiles, casts, etc.)
  • brass, copper and bronze waste (pieces and shavings);
  • Zn and ZnAl waste (roofing sheets, water troughs, used automotive parts, etc.);
  • lead waste (cable coatings, sheets, screens, etc.);
  • other non-ferrous metal waste (pieces, shavings, etc.)
  • others

We offer:

  • high and attractive prices;
  • short terms of payments;
  • collecting bulk quantities of scrap with our own trucks (we can also deliver containers for scrap metals).

We offer wholesale and retail quantities of non-ferrous smelted goods:

  • copper sheets for roofing;
  • whole range of MO58 round and hexagonal brass rods;
  • whole range of B101 bronze rods and pipes;
  • whole range of PA6 aluminum rods;
  • round copper rods made of electrolytic copper as well as those for manufacturing electrodes for welding machines;
  • electrolytically refined copper flat rods (heat-purified copper and its alloys)
  • MO58 thick-walled brass pipes;
  • copper and brass wire of 3 to 12 mm diameter in various classes;
  • sheets of copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, Zn, ZnTi and acid-proof steel;
  • rollers and bushings of various diameters made of self-lubricating bronze and aluminum bronze;
  • tin solders;
  • standard aluminium profiles.

We offer:

  • Trucks for transporting cans in bulk (container trucks and open top trailers);
  • Trucks for transporting compacted bales of cans in Poland and abroad;
  • Trained and experienced staff providing professional processing of the goods.