Sale based on the ISRI standard specifications

For those of our clients who work based on the ISRI standards (Europe and Asia) we offer smelting and casting raw materials of parameters specified by Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. We offer raw materials of stabilized composition, specified impurities and normalized dimensions.

We offer the following classes of scrap:

  • COPPER Millbery, Birch, Birch/Cliff, Clove, Cobra, Candy, Dream, Druid
  • YELLOW BRASS Honey, Lark, Label, Ivory, Night, Nomad, Ocean
  • RED BRASS Ebony, Eland, Elder, Enerv, Engel, Erin, Elias
  • ALUMINIUM Tabloid, Tablet, Taint / Tabor, Taldon, Tann, Talk, Talon, Taste, Telic, Tense, Tread, Trump, Tally, Terse, Tesla
  • MAGNESIUM Walnut
  • ZINC Saves, Score
  • LEAD Racks, Radio, Rails, Relay
  • 300 SERIES SCRAP Sabot, Ultra