Purchasing aluminum cans

Thanks to modern technology of casting, aluminum cans are very valuable. We were among the first companies in Poland to start purchasing scrap beverage cans on such a large scale. Therefore we presently are able to buy practically any quantity of cans.

We have purchased or made the equipment that is used for storing, segregating, compacting and packing the pressed briquettes of cans. We are fully prepared to serve our clients who wish to sell any quantity of scrap aluminum cans.

We offer:

  • company transport of wholesale volumes of material
  • highest prices, convenient and secure terms of payment
  • honest and efficient on-site service
  • preferences for loyal wholesale clients
  • qualitative requirements regarding aluminum cans we purchase

We own:

  • purpose-built  trucks for transporting  scrap aluminum cans in bulk (container trucks, open top dumpsters)
  • trucks for transporting compressed briquettes of cans in Poland and abroad
  • trained and experienced staff capable to efficiently process the purchased aluminum cans

Aluminum cans must not contain:

  • dirty and oxidized cans
  • steel, iron or other metals including other aluminum products such as blinds, deodorants, aluminum foil, etc.
  • plastic and other synthetic materials
  • sand, stones, dirt or mud
  • paper, glass, bags or other packaging materials
  • lubricants or grease
  • radioactive materials
  • any amount of water